1) Subsidised Medicines at Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

With the objective of making healthcare accessible and affordable to all, we established a low-cost medicine shop at Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, through the SVC Foundation. Medicines are sold at subsidized cost to under-privileged patients and the general public. The shop services around 350-400 patients on a daily basis.

2) Restoration Project at Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

OIA is actively involved in protection of the India’s heritage and culture. As part of this, it is involved in restoration of buildings and sites of historical importance. This is aimed at improving India’s cultural heritage in association with Brij Vikas Trust. OIA has constructed (and also maintains) the Brij Chaurasi Kos Parikrama Marg, including dharmashala, tents, night stay and camps and also provides facilities to tourists who have done the Parikrama of Brij Chaurasi Kos. We are actively involved in rain water harvesting and have significantly contributed towards the renovation of 3 Kunds at Mathura – Dev Kund, Priya Kund and Pavan Sarovar. These Kunds are regularly cleaned and conserved under the “Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan” campaign by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

3) Community Health Insurance at Mathura, Uttar Pradesh

We provide cashless medical insurance to over 1,025 families covering 4,000 people approximately in the holy city of Mathura. The health insurance covers families for hospitalization expenses up to Rs 1 lakh per family on a floater basis by insuring the family head, spouse, parents and two children. In the second phase of this CSR activity, the Foundation has covered 816 more families consisting of 3,442 people.