Agro Processing


The economic reforms of today have changed the face of traditional industries such as agriculture. In order to emerge competitive, there is an increasing need for professionalism within the agriculture sector. OIA's expertise has a significant role to play in offering professional management to agro-based industries, with the use of ingenious modern technology. Our experience enables us to understand the importance and relevance of the project from a clients' lens. Consequently, every project we undertake is close to our heart. Being fully aware of the rigours of project development, we develop a detailed, realistic blueprint that forms the stepping stone towards efficient development.

Sugar :

The fast paced growth of this agro-based industry across the world has necessitated the use modern technology to meet an ever increasing demand. We take pride in the fact that we have engineered and installed a majority of India's sugar manufacturing capacity. We offer turnkey solutions ranging from conducting techno-feasibility studies, construction, supply of spare parts to the test run of:

  • New sugar plants with cogeneration, ethanol/distillation plants as a byproduct
  • Rehabilitation, modernisation and expansion of existing sugar plants
Rice Mill :

We provide across-the-board offerings involving the design, construction, service, upgrade and maintenance of rice mills. Our experience has led us to emerge as purveyors of end-to-end services involving feasibility study, detailed engineering, sustainable feedstock supply and logistics, along with the arrangement of viable funding options. Our solutions are based on innovative technology to ensure optimum efficiency. As a company that bears ISO:9001 certification, we abide by stringent quality standards in all our offerings.

Food and Dairy :

The Food & Diary industry furnishes the fundamental needs of the ever growing populations of developing countries. OIA has successfully rendered its services to this industry through the construction of large scale storage facilities.

Fertilizer :

The entire agriculture sector is supported by the fertilizer industry. OIA, through its associates, is actively involved in developing infrastructure for the fertilizer industry. Our expertise in this field includes:

  • Providing designing, engineering and construction services
  • Execution of turnkey contracts
  • Providing international quality equipment
  • Designing, engineering and construction integrated fuel oil and naphtha systems
Ethanol :

Today, the importance of renewable energy across the world cannot be undermined. The development of state-of-the-art ethanol plants is our way of acknowledging the significance of renewable energy in these changing times. Drawing on our intellectual pool, we offer cost-effective, pragmatic designs that result in high-tech energy-efficient ethanol plants. The use of modern technology further enhances efficiency and enables us to deliver optimum value. As a total solutions provider, OIA's services range from site development, design, engineering, project management, procurement, construction to commissioning of ethanol projects. As patrons of quality, we comply with the strictest of global standards, including technology from process licensers. With a demonstrated ability to deliver projects of an enormous magnitude, we are already making waves in a competitive marketplace. Our strategic partnerships with key players further ensure a 'hassle-free' and timely project completion - an experience our clients are now addicted to...